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Time is an essential issue in todays society and a very important aspect of the European Sailing League Concept. The racing is served on a silver platter for all participating teams demanding only a minimum of time spent for a maximum of sail racing and social experience.

The core feature to provide this is of course racing with provided boats. The European Sailing League organization owns the boats, keeps them in immaculate condition for racing and handles all transports to the different venues.

When the crews arrive to the venue the boats are in water, trimmed identical and all ready for the day’s race. You just dress for the occasion and enjoy the ride!

An ESL team consists of 3 persons or more. There are no weight limits and no restrictions as to who is sailing for the team. You are free to change team members as you like. However you may not be part of two teams at the same time.

The teams are free to have their own sponsors and an area on the sail is reserved for the team as well as space on the website along with some common advertisement for European Sailing League.